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Crystal HUNTER

If you want authentic - THIS!!!!

I've been on tiktok seeing a lot of fakery. People selling fake crystals all over. Saw marabelle on tiktok ordered this box and it doesn't disappoint. Crystals are VERY real. NO FAKE HERE. If you want the real thing, this is the place to shop. Best experience, fast shipping, everything is made like it was a personal gift for me. I love it.


The perfect boxx

Saw this on marabelleblue tiktok - I follow a lot of tiktokers who claim to have genuine crystals without doing my research and end up with slabs of I don't know what - and after seeing this post I followed and made a purchase. How HAPPY am I!!!!!! The box had a scent of roses I felt I was in a field of flowers. The candle was prepared so delicately and the oils dressed were perfect and not drowning in oil. The parchment paper gives it a vintage look as if I was opening an ancient box filled with love secrets. Not to mention the three card tarot reading. She doesn't know me at all, how was she able to get three cards to give me the answers I've been looking for. The details in this box were made with utmost care and the details are outstanding. This is better than the mainstream box service I receive monthly products. I am very happy with this store and I plan on buy more products in the next few weeks. I’ve also set up a personal reading with Marabelle too. I’m looking forward to that!


This item exceeded my expectations. I am very very pleased and it arrived flawlessly.
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