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In my research of developing new boxes, the idea is getting more for your money.

No one wants to spend more than $100 for miniscule items that look good on the web, and when they arrive, it's nothing what you expected, other than disappointment.

While aesthetics can be a reason why you would purchase products, in one of my marketing courses back in my college days, it was also very important the product does what it's supposed to do, unless you're willing the risk of unhappy customers and/or bad reviews.

Living in a world conditioned to posting negative reviews, we don't want to have a mindset of any press is good press. Sure, any press can drive traffic to your site and make money, my mindset is to have my customers happy with their purchases and continue to come back, because they know and trust, what is sold on Servboxx is authentic.

With that in mind, please be sure to take the time to subscribe to the mailing list.

Through my research, I plan on having a new line of Spa Boxxes to launch next year. These new products will offer a lot more products, themed Boxxes for special occasions, great for yourself or gift giving. Signing up to the mailing list is the best way to get up to date information and new products rolling out next year.

Also please stay tuned for a new Crystal Boxxes as I continue to expand on this line.

Hope everyone is doing well. If you have any questions, please do use the contact form.

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