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New Services Available and New Costume Jewelry Statement Pieces Coming soon!

Hello Servboxxers!

Hope all is well as we approach this holiday season.

Servboxx is continue updates and changes to the site.

Firstly, I’ve added a link two links. You can now order Gift Cards, for yourself or for your friends to shop anything on Servboxx.

Second, I’ve added my Tarot and Oracle reading services to the site, for those who would like to pay directly using this option. I felt it was much easier this way, since there isn’t a live option on and keeping everything inclusive.

Many happy surprises are coming in both the Metaphysical store as well as the Spa store.

I’ve set up a pop up so you can sign up for the mailing list. This is a great way to stay

informed for the new products coming.

Best of all, the more products we plan on adding, you can take advantage of the 4 interest free payments through Sezzle.

Have you gotten a chance to visit our costume jewelry section?

Stay tuned for more! Happy Shopping.

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