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Soaps, Coffee Scrubs, Crystals and More Products!

What an exciting time here at Servboxx.

I've been working super hard on creating new products and revamping boxes.

My goals for Servboxx is to give my customers the most awesome shopping experience. In the last recent days, I have been revamping the Spa and Shower Boxxes as well as the Crystal Healing Boxxes.

There's lots more coming.

Check out the Spa and Shower section, as I've just added scents of your choosing when you add to your purchase for any box or both!

In addition, beautiful changes within the Crystal Healing Boxxes. The Wish Jars will also be getting a makeover, with an additional box being added in the next couple of weeks.

Don't forget to use your coupon code at check out and of course take advantage of the interest free payment option through Sezzle.

Happy shopping!

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