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Banishing spells are purposeful for removing negative energy, which can include stress, conflict, or past trauma. A banishing spell can help to cleanse this energy and restore a sense of peace and positivity.


People have used banishing and protection spells to:

End harmful relationships - whether romantic, familial, or social, the use of banishing spell to break free from that connection and protect themselves from further harm.


Protection against psychic attacks - Some people believe in the existence of psychic attacks, where negative energy or intentions are directed towards them by others. A banishing spell can create a shield of protection to repel these harmful influences.


Clearing negative patterns - Patterns of behavior or thought that are detrimental to one's well-being can be difficult to break. A banishing spell can be used to help break these patterns and encourage more positive and healthy habits.


Creating boundaries - Situations where boundaries have been or are being violated, personal space invasions, a banishing spell can establish energetic boundaries to protect oneself and maintain a sense of autonomy.


People have also used banishment for unwanted spirits or entities. Although some difficult situations may require an expert in the paranormal or spiritual field.  


This kit includes:

  • 2 Black and 2 White Chime Candles
  • Go Away Evil Oil
  • Victory Over Evil
  • HEM Dragon's Blood Incense Cones (box of 10 cones with small holder)
  • Clear Quartz (sizes and shapes will vary from each quartz)
  • Sage Bundle
  • 1 bottle of black salt
  • 1 bottle of basil leaves
  • Parchment Paper to write your intentions
  • Mantra Card


Disclaimer: This content is intended solely for entertainment purposes. The results of any spell work cannot be guaranteed. Please refrain from using these kits to diagnose any health, mental, or legal issues. For such matters, we strongly advise you to seek guidance from a qualified physician or licensed professional.

Banishing and Protection Intentions

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