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Back in early June of 2020, I woke up, and as I always do, reach for my phone to check any messages I may have missed while my phone was on do not disturb mode. As I was reading my emails, one particular email I've seen hundreds of times, hit me like a ton of bricks. So many times I have seen this email, and it wasn't until this moment, the one thing that was missing was this, Servboxx.   

In all of the years I have seen new businesses come alive, (just when I thought maybe we've run out of ideas), I was awakened to a new idea in how to engage with people looking to explore different types of products and learn more about their health of their bodies through the use of hemp derived products. After doing a bit of research, and of course speaking to close friends of mine in getting their feedback, I began taking the next steps in how I would put this idea to work. It was important to me to have functioning products everyone can enjoy, without breaking their bank. 


As soon as I stopped over thinking a name, perusing on Twitter, there was a recurring theme of the word "serve". It only made sense to name this new venture ServBoxx. Now granted, this box thing is not an original idea. We've all seen other subscription type boxes within the cosmetics field. My idea is unique in the ways it will cater to everyone who enjoys the values of buying multiple products instead of feeling they are spending the same kind of money for one product and then not getting their money's worth.


​So...How does ServBoxx work? 


Very simply. With relationships I have built over time with manufacturers and business to business owners, I wanted to create a way to package different items at a low cost. 

I have learned a lot about people, especially those who are money conscious.


This is a non subscription service, buy as you go, buy as much as you want and never feel anything goes to waste with reusable jars and recycle boxes. The same way with makeup, ServBoxx, will be more than just a sample of items. PLUS, it's a great way to try new products, receive exclusive coupons, including little surprise products not every subscription base site will send you.


Did I say again how this is a great way to try new products without breaking the bank? ;-)


Happy Shopping!  

Creating Concepts with Love!

My name is Marabelle Blue.


I have been creating and running various businesses since 2002. When I first started, my field was in publishing. It was very new to me. It was sort of that career that falls on your lap by accident and then I just ran with it.

I went back to college so I can learn about business management and marketing and from there, I changed gears and took up communication and journalism. I felt these were all important to me, in order to make effective decisions for my businesses.

As a blogger on Youtube, writing various articles from manifestation to reality television, interviewing so many people from all walks of life, here we are! Now running two years plus successfully, Servboxx has been making all of my customers happy with products they love. This is only the beginning, as every day, I am expanding and making the store accessible with more products. 

With this new site, I am launching the Just CBD brands and including more products than before. If you have any questions about how they work, we will have staff on hand to answer your questions or any concerns you may have. 

I'm looking forward to this new chapter with you and Servboxx.

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