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Spas Showers and Bath Boxxes

All products are cruelty and vegan free. Products are carefully packaged samples, stored in a sanitary environment.

Candles & Plants

Please stay tuned, we are adding new shower and spa boxes for you with lots of great extras. 

Don't see a product you're looking for? Please use our contact page for request list of products and special orders.

Never dedicated to one lotion

"I don't know anyone who stays with the same lotion. I get upset when a big chain company discontinues a lotion I love. Now it seems I have to buy several to get that same scent. I purchased this box because of the variety and I don't regret. I love it. They are buttery and go on smooth. You don't need a lot. I would say one thing please make bigger jars available! Thank you"

Angela, NYC

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