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Unlock Your Wellness Potential with Servboxx

Personalized Shopping in a Box

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Acai Bowl

We are resellers of the Just CBD Brand offering Vegan Based and Cruelty Free Products.


All boxes are personalized - made to order in sealed containers.

We also have Just CBD for Pets


Your Personal Metaphysical Store

Servboxx sells genuine collection of crystals, accompanied with tools, cards of spiritual messages, including instructions on how to use your crystals and their benefits. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools they need to achieve mental, emotional and spiritual balance through crystal healing and meditation (connect with for free meditation videos. 

Our mission is to help you discover the metaphysical side of life. Whether it's for spiritual growth, physical healing, emotional balance or to just add a bit of sparkle to your life, we have something special for you.


Come explore our growing selection of crystals., polished and tumbled stones.

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Blue Skies

Shop Our New Revamped Spa Boxes

Our Spa Boxxes just got a reboot! Check out the new line and there's more to come for the Divine Goddess in you!

Payment plans available through Sezzle.

More Spa Boxes are coming soon!

Please note the picture on the right (for mobile view the picture is below) is a demo design and does not necessarily reflect the bottles or jars Servboxx will come in.

Blue Skies
Rock Balancing

Now Available!
Book your Tarot Readings with Marabelle Blue

You can now make your purchases here for Tarot Oracle Readings, Spiritual Work through Coaching. 

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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot
Sandy Beach

Introducing the new

Trifecta Magikal Wish Jar

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Buddha Statue

Servboxx Blog and Product Updates
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