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How to Effectively Use Your Crystals

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Crystals are energy healers. In our time during a pandemic, there are those still struggling in one form or another.

Adding the Gemstone collection to Servboxx was a must. Not due to the fact, we are still living in usual times, but it's because of these times, we need to reteach ourselves how to heal internally and to trust our instincts, which I’ve learned from my own personal experience, never steers us in the wrong direction.

First let’s talk about how crystals help you.

Within the Gemstone collection, we made available, Clear and Rose Quartz, Amethyst. Here are short breakdowns on how each crystal may work for you.

Clear Quartz: Part of the five master healers, clear quartz is known the “Universal Healer”. You can use it for a specific area, such as a chakra area, or any part of your body for physical healing.

Another great way to use, when meditating. Reminding yourself you can heal, is the most important aspect when being quiet with yourself. There is nothing on this earth that can hurt or harm if you let it. While certain circumstances may be out of our control, having this crystal with you, will protect you once it is part of you and you are part of it. Remember this is all about your emotional well-being. Keeping your clear quartz close to your heart, will never let your spirit down.

Rose Quartz: This crystal is also part of the master healers. Known for it’s heart chakra opener, the rose quartz is a power healer. Holding the rose quartz close to your heart, helps heal wounds of the past, releasing that pain and learning how to forgive yourself. Take the time to breath in the energy, keeping in mind everything is a day at a time, even a moment, or a heartbeat.

Amethyst: The amethyst is known as the “Master Transformer”. There are many reasons why this one is so popular. It keeps the higher vibrations of your chakra alive while keeping the lower frequencies of negativity away from you. Having an amethyst close to you, your crystal becomes your personal protector of your energy and the beauty of this piece will keep your energy level positive. Use it for your quiet and mediation time by holding it close to you and allow yourself to feel the energy of this crystal. You will see more of your positive days ahead.

All of the Servboxxes are accompanied with homegrown sage. In addition, the Boxxes come with black salt, which is used as a form to protect oneself by carrying in a small pouch and Lavender flowers which can use used in your bath or to attract finance by carrying in a small pouch as well. Don't delay and invest for your healthy mind and spirit.


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