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Servboxx Featured on 2! Ninety

How exciting to get a text from a friend who shared with me, Servboxx was featured as one of the Top 5 of Small Black Owned Business and the best place purchase your metaphysical items.

I am humbled and grateful to know how reliable Servboxx has become in the public eye.

Not too long ago, I shared a blog about the scams on Tiktok with fake crystals called, “crystal mining”. While the majority of commentors are claiming how authentic the products are, if you dig deep, you will find most people who brought into the propaganda, found they received cheap items, not even worthy of a paper weight or received nothing at all.

I understand, we all want a bargain.

When shopping for unique gifts, such as crystals, this isn’t just a financial investment, this is an energy investment. Crystals have been and still being used for chakras, healing and in keeping positive spiritual energies.

Granted, crystals do not cure any ailments, and I need to say that, because if crystals cured cancer, we would be at different place in our lives, crystals do make an internal spiritual difference and how we approach life.

How have people benefited using crystals, when mediating or just staying quiet with your crystal in your hand, concentrating on your intentions, what you wish to accomplish or feeling conflicted about a situation where you need clarity. Different crystals hold unique properties for our targeted wellbeing.

While every business is there to make money, we understand that, but at the cost of you spending money and waiting for something that may never arrive or when it does, leaves you disappointed, isn’t worth the investment.

I’m so happy people recognize the small businesses who offer more than just what a large store brand has to offer. Small businesses who care about their customers will add the finishing touches you won’t find in big box brand stores. Granted, we utilize these stores for our bare essentials, but when shopping for that perfect and unique gift, we look beyond a big store brand.

Everyone who has received a Servboxx have all said the same thing, “I feel like this gift was made just for me”. I love hearing that. It makes me feel good inside to know everyone who receives their box feels like everything in it was specifically for them.

There’s something to be said about unique gifting.

In case you didn’t know Servboxx has perks at no extra cost:

  • Free designed cards such as a "Happy Birthday" message

  • Wish Jar Series are all jars designed for your intentions

  • Optional tarot readings when purchasing items in the metaphysical section at no extra cost.

  • Free surprise sample products

Sign up to the mailing list and get exclusive coupons towards your future purchases!

Thank you again to 2! Ninety for recognizing Servboxx. I can’t say enough how important it is to support small business, especially, Black and Latina own women businesses.

And another surprise! The new statement necklaces are now available and I just got more!

Look at this beautiful piece coming this weekend!

Happy Shopping!


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